Welcome to my blog, Best Body Hair Trimmer!

I’m John, a Texas-based barber-turned-blogger with a passion for the male grooming industry and an eye for the best tools of the trade.

About ten years ago, my twenty-something self decided to take a chance on a plane ticket to Europe. Take a trip abroad and find myself, right? After many weeks of travel, I settled down in Italy, where I stayed with family just outside of Florence.

Now this is where the magic all began.


On a whim, I took on some hours at my grandfather’s barber shop, La Grande Barba. From my very first cut and shave I became fascinated with the salon’s history and culture, and for the next seven years I stayed in Italy to study the art of barbering under my grandfather’s tutelage.

Since moving back to the States, my passion has not left me. I currently live in Dallas, Texas where I carry out my commitment to provide American men with European style.

To keep my grooming game sharp, I practise my trade daily. I personally test all of the tools I review on this blog in order to create thorough and honest content. My goal is to help readers make sense of the many different (and often intimidating) at-home grooming tools, ranging from high-end products to their more affordable counterparts.

I love when I can use barbering to inspire creativity in others. Even my old sheep dog Elvis has become passionate about grooming! He lets me practise on him…for a couple treats of course.

Personal grooming can be the key to unlocking one’s confidence, and with this blog I hope to spark an enthusiasm in others for healthy hair and beard maintenance. So go ahead, take a look around, and let me help you reach a new level of grooming success.