How To Apply Beard Oil

In life, there is an art to doing tasks the proper way to maximize the results. The same is true when you learn how to apply beard oil.

Beard oil can be a great product that moisturizes the beard. However, when applied wrong, it can look oily and greasy.

In worst case scenarios, beard oils can cause allergic reactions. Remember that you are still applying this product to the face, which is one of the most sensitive areas of skin on the body.

When choosing products for the face, make sure to choose products that mesh well together. Since you are not a chemist, we know that this can be a difficult task.

Apply Beard Oil

Choosing the Best Skin Care Products

First, look at the skin care products that you currently use. As yourself, “Am I happy with this routine”?

The best way to determine if you actually are using the right products is to monitor how you feel during the day. Honestly, if you are feeling itchy all the time, you might be using something that you have become sensitized to.

Remember that not all products that are labelled hypoallergenic are actually good for your specific skin. That label means that most people did not have an allergic reaction.

Case Study

  A girl was having issues with her skin care so she went to the dermatologist. He first of all identified that she had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Doctors are very adept at discovering if there are underlying conditions regarding skin, so make sure if you are having chronic issues to visit a dermatologist.

Also, this girl wanted so badly to use the best products that she ended up choosing a product like for very sensitive skin. She reacted so poorly to it, but she kept using it, thinking she was doomed to never have great skin.

This woman needed to stop using the product that was making her skin crack and peel. It is better to use nothing for a week or two to let the skin heal, than to obsess about the perfect skin care regime.

She also learned that essential oils are not necessarily such a natural choice. She ended up putting pure tea tree oil on her face and it left a small indent in that area.

Beware of products that say they are for all types of sensitive skin, and avoid putting essential oils directly on the face. There is no “one size fits all” skin care product and essential oil need to be diluted by professional skin care experts.

How To Apply Beard Oil

How Does This Relate to Beard Oils?

Now in this case, you understand how beard oil is essentially another skin care product. We want you to understand a little bit about the truths and myths behind skin care before moving forward.

When looking for a good beard oil, look for something with the same kind of oils that you already use in your moisturizer. If in doubt, use castor oil as the first obvious choice before proceeding to more specialized lines.

The How To Guide

Beard oil is applied to moisturize the skin as well as the beard itself.

If you have a long beard, do not apply oil to the entire beard. This will make the hair look incredibly greasy and give an unwashed feel.

However, you can apply a few drops to the underlying skin. Make sure to use this in place of a skin moisturizer in this area to avoid product reactions.

For a short beard, apply a few drops of the oil to the beard area. Do not over do it in the application of the oil.

Beard Oils When Trimming the Beard

This is the best time to apply beard oil. It will make the hairs less scratchy as they fall on your skin as you trim.

Even for a long beard, apply the oil and allow the moisture to penetrate. While this might not be a daily routine, it is good for that hair to have a moisturizing treatment every so often.

Reaping the Benefits

Many men do not actually know how to apply beard oil, so they avoid it all together. We want you to get the benefits from all the great men’s products out there, so we have written this guide to educate you on the merits of this product.