How To Get Thicker Hair

Having thick hair is a desire of many people. Your hair might be short or long, but thick hair just seems to be better.

Hair thinness might be due to a number of reasons. Fortunately, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have thick hair.

The following are some of the ways you can get thicker hair:

The Magical Egg

Egg is not only great for the skin but also hair. It’s rich in proteins to make promote new hair growth and keep it thicker.

Beat two eggs inside a bowl. Make sure they’re whisked well together.

Apply the mixture all over your hair. Let it rest for roughly twenty minutes.

Rinse well. Next, apply light shampoo. It helps get the egg odor out of the hair.

Repeat the method 4 times weekly. Enjoy the magnificent results.

Always Use the Right Shampoo 

Unfortunately, most hair products contain harsh chemicals. The chemicals strip your hair of moisture thus damaging hair follicles.

Such conditioners and shampoos might contain sulphates meant to reduce oil and dirt.

To be on the safe side, settle for products that are sulphate free like herbal shampoos. Shampoos contain peppermint or eucalyptus oil usually provides your scalp with a refreshing tingling sensation.

How To Get Thicker Hair

Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is also highly effective at ensuring your hair not only looks great but also gets thicker. You need to utilize this tropical oil as your hair treatment. A bottle of coconut oil is all you need.

Coconut oil contains high protein levels, which are effective at maintaining thick hair. Additionally, they’re great at giving your hair some strength.

Massage some warmed coconut oil to your scalp as well as hair. Cover with a hot towel.

Doing so ensures that the oil remains heated as it penetrates your hair shaft.

Leave the hot towel on your hair for around thirty minutes. Next, rinse and then wash using a mild shampoo.

Repeat the process after a couple of days in order to ensure the hair maintains its health and thickness.

Tweak your Hair Washing Habit 

To cleanse your scalp, it’s advisable to shampoo it twice a week. This prevents stripping it of moisture.

Shampooing too often causes split ends and/or hair breakage. Rather than using hot water, utilize lukewarm.

To prevent drying, apply some conditioner to the hair on those days that you don’t shampoo.

Dermatologists also highly recommend utilizing deep-conditioning products on your hair once a week.

Avoid Rubbing Vigorously

You must keep off breaking your hair strands at all cost. You can do this by either avoiding wrapping your hair with a towel after washing or rubbing the hair altogether.

Rubbing or wrapping the hair using a towel causes the cuticles to open up. It can cause to frizzy hair that’s prone to breakage.

Avoid Heat Damage

You’re supposed to limit the utilization of heat styling products like hair colorants, ionic dryers, ceramic irons, hair curlers, and hair straighteners.

What is more is that you should also keep off utilizing hair styling tools on your hair directly. They can not only weaken but also damage your hair cuticles thus making them lackluster, thinner, and rough.

Keep off Combing Wet Hair 

Combing the hair while it’s still wet causes hair damage. Allow it to dry first.

Use a wide-toothed plastic comb rather a hairbrush to detangle it. It goes miles in preventing breakage or split ends.

Blow-drying using a round brush can equally break the hair strands. Therefore, avoid pulling too hard.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in everything both your skin and hair need to remain vibrant and healthy. Keep an olive oil bottle in your bathroom at all times.

Olive oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that are great at making your hair become thicker.

Apply the olive oil on your hair and then massage it in. ensure you apply it all over your hair.

After leaving it for roughly 30 minutes, rinse it and then follow it through with a light shampoo.

For excellent results, leave it overnight. Wash it when you wake up in the morning.

Manage your Stress

Excess stress causes your hair to fall and become thin due to release of hormones. Effective stress management is handy in helping reduce hair thinning.

For starters, you can get a scalp massage. Additionally, you can choose to engage in other physical activities.