Gillette Fusion Proglide Groomer Trimmer Review

If you want to add some flair to your haircut, Gillette Fusion Proglide Groomer Trimmer is the answer to all your needs. This is a three in one facial hair styling machine that enables men get a good and even trim, closely shaved edges and accurate haircuts. This is irrespective of the body part being trimmed; from the goatee, side burns, or the chinstrap, one is able to get the desired master look in the end.

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Top Features

  1. Meets Different Trimming Needs- This self-styling tool enables men to meet all their grooming desires. One can trim their beard, remove unwanted hair in the shower, and shave their face nicely ensuring it remains smooth and hairless in the end.
  2. Comfort- It is an easy to use self-styling tool. It has a precision edge that ensures the blades can be turned around when in use. One needs to hold it with a firm grip to allow it reach all the body parts they wish to clean or shave. This ensures maximum hair removal at the end of hair removal process. It is shower safe and there is no need for worry of electrocution.
  3. Three Combs- The three combs ensure that users can customize the different blades to trim at a desired length. In addition, it offers the Proglide trimming capability thanks to its advanced razor sharp blades to ensure a good trim and hair cut is achieved.


A Braun-engineered self-styling and hair trimmer tool, the trimmer is designed to provide users with an effortlessly good trim, while also considering its efficiency and effectiveness in hair removal around the face. With its three exchangeable combs, it can adapt to any trimming position while also keeping the hair short and of a consistent height for a long period. This guarantees the users of a fine haircut and control over their hair from the start to finish.

It gives users the most comfortable shave as it has a header that must be attached before the beginning of any trimming process. It has a micro comb that guides hair to the tool’s blades guarding against cuts and grain closeness. Upon completion, the tool has doors in which one opens to remove hair and rinses it with running water hence cleaning it in the end.


It has an advanced lubrication applied to its lubrastrip, which is large and has lubricants to ensure smooth contract between the skin and the cleaning tools. The lubricants are usually made from mineral oil to ensure a smooth finish when the machine is in use. The Braun engineered trimmer has precision edging blades that maneuver with ease when in use to create a crisp haircut. In addition, it will define the different hairlines on the body part being trimmed while also delivering a comfortable shave in the end. The blades are also coated with low resistance coats ensuring that users can get smooth trimming strokes effortlessly. The trimmer also comes with three exchangeable combs that offer users the ability to get a consistent hair length. In addition, it helps users maintain a good hair contour vital in keeping that good hairstyle. The Gillette Trimmer uses a small AA battery. There is no need for hassle looking for a charging cord unlike in other trimmers. However, the longevity of the battery is dependent on how often the self-styling trimmer is used. It is therefore advisable to keep a couple of batteries as spare.


The trimmer has blades that offer a smooth haircut while also removing unwanted hair from other body parts. It uses blades normally placed in a cartridge that is removable when they become blunt. However, the answer to when one is to replace the blades is dependent on the thickness of one’s hair and method of skin preparation before proceeding with any hair trimming exercise. It is also has a nice handle that make it easy to hold when in use especially in sensitive areas like the eyebrows. It also has a decent battery power. It also gives an excellent shave where a manual razor would be used.


To begin with, this self-styling tool lasts long especially if it is handled correctly. This means that users have to regularly change the set of trimming blades once they become blunt in order to avoid cuts and grain closeness.


This is cheap for a self-hair styling tool in the market unlike other expensive trimming tools. It has blades that maybe expensive for those people with thick hair since it will require them to regularly change the blades repeatedly. However, it does not come with a warranty unlike in most shaving tools. The lack of a warranty does not bother most buyers in the end making it among the top most purchased hair trimming tools in the world.


Gillette Trimmer is not good for people with thick hair in their bodies. This is because it has delicate blades that become blunt fast in the end. At times, you may only get one shave with the blades if you have thick hair. In addition, you will incur more on batteries since it is vital for one to regularly change the AA batteries after a while and this leads to loss of power. However, by the trimmer meets the needs of most men. To begin with, one can take care of their hair by themselves. This effectively keeps them well groomed they seek, as it also comes with features that they can easily deal with, for example changeable blades and a rubber handle that makes one have a good grip on the tool. The trimmer also is also small in terms of dimensions. It only measures 10.5 inches by 2.8 inches, making it small, compact and easy to store. It comes with a plastic organizer that takes little space on your cleaning tub or shelf. Its combs are fitted nicely on its back-making one have a well-organized and tidy bathroom.

Gillette Fusion Review
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