Grooming Tips for the Modern Man

Unlike many things, it’s not often you find one who could be considered a “guru” in the world of grooming. What is and isn’t considered “groomed” seems to change on almost a yearly basis, keeping everyone guessing. Luckily, there are a few key rules which are likely to stay, as well as a few tools which may come in handy no matter where fashion takes itself ten years from now. Here are a few men’s grooming tips to keep in mind, ensuring you’re always ahead of the game.

Get an Adjustable Shaver

As anyone who’s ever trimmed a beard with scissors knows, one small slip up is all it takes to have to shave the entire thing off. An adjustable shaver won’t only give you a consistently shaven beard, it will ensure you don’t find yourself shaving off the whole thing minutes before a night out on the town.

Sometimes Older is Better

Whether it be seeing dozens of commercials, walking through store isles flooded with them or having had our dads use them while we grew up, it’s easy to assume that Gillette and only Gillette knows how to make a decent razor. However, as anyone who’s ever used a straight razor or a safety razor can tell you, while Gillette has a simple learning curve, it’ll never truly give you a close shave. The same can be said of Schick and other mass produced men’s facial razors. If a clean look is what you’re after, a straight or safety razor will give you the closest shave imaginable.

Leave Your Nose Hairs Alone

Pinch your nose closed with your thumb an forefinger. See any nose hairs sticking out? If so, they should probably be plucked with a pair of tweezers. Don’t see any nose hairs sticking out? Your best bet is leaving your nose alone, then. Nose hairs are there for a reason. You can spend all day grooming yourself, but you won’t be impressing anyone constantly sneezing and blowing chunks everywhere.

Let Your Tweezers Handle Your Eyebrows

Believe it or not, some people to this day still shave portions of their eyebrows. Whether they get a little too bushy for your taste as they edge toward the center of your forehead, or whether you have a full unibrow to deal with, a razor is never the best option. When dealing with such small pockets of hair, all it takes is shaving a half inch too far to the right to throw everything off. Keep it safe and stick with tweezers whenever it comes time to deal with your eyebrows. You’ll likely spend less time dealing with them on a month-to-month basis when you use tweezers as well, which is only an added bonus.

Take it Easy on the Scents

While we can all think of a thousand jokes involving high school locker rooms and Axe body spray, it’s shocking how many of us haven’t truly learned anything from those days. Just because the smell stops making your eyes water after a few minutes doesn’t mean it’s fading away; you’ve likely just grown accustomed to it. If you have to hold your breath when applying scents, you’re going a bit too heavy. Remember, while scents are nice (some might even say essential), at the end of the day, we still want to smell like people, not the Walmart hygiene isle.

Don’t Ignore Your Teeth

Many of us may spend hours in front of the mirror on a weekly basis while only spending a minute or two a day giving our teeth a quick brush. While a standard toothbrush and two minutes out of your day is all you need for healthy teeth, it isn’t necessarily all you need for nice teeth. Switching to a high-quality, electric toothbrush can make a huge difference. Replacing your regular tooth paste with a whitening brand can ensure your smile is always looking its best. Mouthwash will also ensure your breath stays fresh for as long as need be.

Keep an Eye on Those Nails

If you’re still biting your nails, you should probably stop. As guys, I think it’s safe to say we’re not always the first to recognize what color nail polish a lady friend is wearing, or what state our friends’ nails are in. For women, however, the state of one’s nails carry a bit more importance. Now, you don’t need to apply any special product to your nails or treat them in any specific manner. Simply refraining from biting them in favor of cutting them can make a huge difference. After cutting them, be sure to scrape out any dirt inside and push back your cuticles. Five minutes is all it takes.

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