How to Grow a Thicker Beard

 We understand that it’s not easy when trends for men’s hair change. This has been the year that men have really started to embrace their facial hair.

There are some men that have embraced with craze wholeheartedly; after all, these men know they look best with a little facial roughage. But for other men, they feel a little left out.

The catch here is that men want thick beards, not sparse, hardly there shadows. There are some tricks and tips for how to grow a thicker beard.

How to Grow a Thicker Beard

Use The Right Products

First, growing a thick beard requires the right products. There are numerous things on the market that boast that they can grow more, and thicker hair.

We know that you want the facts however hard they may be to swallow. The truth is, there is no magic formula that grows hair after that hair follicle has died.

However, sometimes hair follicles are simply blocked due to debris or even stress. There is a type of aleopecia, meaning hair loss, that is due to stressful or traumatic life events.

When this happens, it is best for you to evaluate if the way you are living your life is worth this condition. If you think your beard looks thinner, it is best to consult a dermatologist.

The dermatologist is the expert on skin and hair follicles. They have studied more than a decade to become an expert in their field.

Take Notes

However, as good as a dermatologist is, you are also a scientist of your own life. Try to take note of when the hair loss began, and if it is in small patches or an overall generalized thinness.

It would be a shame if you went to the doctor and he told you to reduce stress in your life. So you go out and quit your job, thinking your troubles are soon to be over.

However, the change of pace does not produce the desired results. This is why it is best to just look at your attitude towards life rather than changing your life circumstances.

Because the truth is, men do experience permanent hair loss, and there is really nothing that they can do about this. Aside from surgeries such as hair follicle transplants, natural hair loss comes with age.

If you think your beard is sparse due to stress, then there are so solutions. Reducing the stress in your life without dramatically changing your lifestyle is possible.

Grow a Thicker Beard

Change Your Lifestyle

One good way to cut your stress is to start downsizing your lifestyle. Consumerism can be a big source of discontentment, and living within your means will help you sleep better at night.

Also, as we mentioned earlier, there are a few products on the market that can help to train that beard to grow in thicker. The following is a list of products you can purchase to see some results:

  1. Castor Oil- This is a great low cost product that we recommend you try. It is very moisturizing to the skin, so it can help those beard hairs grow in stronger.
  1. Segals Solutions Advanced Formulation for Thinning Hair- This product is from a reputable source and will help clear debris from the hair follicle. It also contains nutrients to nourish hairs as they grow, which could result in thicker hair.

We are not going to mention too many products, because as we stated above, these products are not miracles. However, if the problem is debris blocking the follicle or lack of moisturizer, these two products will do the trick just fine.

Another thing to mention that is important is not to pluck your hairs on your face. This action can damage the hair follicle, and the result will be loss of a hair in that area, sometimes permanently.

Make sure that you keep up with regular hygiene, such as ensuring that your beard stays free from dandruff. If you feel itching and see flakes in this area only, this could be the culprit.

A hairstylist might take a look at your beard if you are experiencing problems, but a good hairstylist will always refer you to the doctor. It is important not to ignore allergic reactions in this area because it could be due to a product or even a more serious ailment like a chronic skin condition.

These tips are great on how to grow a thicker beard. Make sure you take extra care with your beard because you only have one face and it needs your tender loving care.