Hair Trimmer Maintenance Tips

Getting body hair is a natural phenomenon and there is no need to get ashamed for it. However, it may grow in excess hence become unwanted in different body parts, for example the back. It is for this reason that one needs to regularly trim or shave this hair in order to have a good facial hair game.
A good facial hair game brings out a well kempt person in the first place. It brings out the cleanliness in you as well as how responsible you are towards your own personal hygiene. However, getting that perfect trim is not easy especially for those who have personal hair trimmers in their homes. You need expert advice on how to get the perfect cut as well as maintaining the trimmers so that they last long.

Top Tips for Maintaining Your Trimmer

Select the Right Razor
When selecting the right trimmer, ensure that it has clean, sharp and stainless steel blades. This is especially when you want to get rid of back hair or hair that is in sensitive areas like the eyebrows. Getting the right razors eliminates the risk of getting cuts on your body.
Clean the Trimmer Immediately After Use
Cleaning should be done particularly after using the trimmer and before storing them for future use. Ensure all hair is removed from the hair-removing tool in the first place. Use a small brush to remove any excess or hidden hair. Many trimmers come with this small brush. Use a screwdriver to open the attachment blade cover making the blades easily accessible. All the hair caught in these blades can be removed smoothly using this brush. Cleaning hair from this point also maintains the blades’ sharpness and longevity.
Clean the Attachment Combs
Remove any hair caught in between the attachment combs. Proceed to rinsing it with soap and running water to get rid of dirt or debris caught in between the comb. Before storing it away, ensures it is clean and dry.
Oil Lubricants
An oil lubricant is useful in maintaining the trimmer’s metal parts as it prevents any incidences of rusting. In addition, it ensures there is smooth movement of the moving parts for example, the fast rotating motor on a hair trimmer. Oiled blades last long, catch or pull hair when being trimmed much less. You can open the trimmer’s blades in order to oil the inside moving part to ensure it runs smoothly. However, many trimmers come with a manual and may recommend a specific type of thin oil lubricant in the end.
Sharpening the Trimmer
Trimmer’s blades should ideally not be sharpened. However, sharpening their blades only comes in when the blade has not been well maintained in terms of poor lubrication or has been corroded by rust. They may also have been made blunt if they had cut other material far from hair. Use alcohol or methylated spirit to clean the blades. It is useful in removing grease that may have built up inside the trimmer. A sharpening stone is highly recommended for use when it comes to getting the required sharpening of blades. Sharpening the blades is in itself cheaper than replacing the blades with a new set.
Proper Storage of Trimmers
When not in use, the trimmer and its accessories should be stored in a shelf that is dry and far from children’s reach. This is to avoid accidents in small children that may be fatal, for example electrocution when trying to plug the charges into electric sockets. Buy a good bag or storage case that re made specifically to hold trimmers and their accessories. Normally, they come with the trimmer upon purchase.
Top Trimmers for Men
Philips Shaver 9000- This trimmer is fitted with the V Track technology that enables users to shave in eight different directions. It is also made with Aqua Technology making it easy to use in both wet and dry shaves. Braun Cruzer 6 Face- This versatile shaver offers a good trimming and styling of the hair. It is capable of cutting hair in different trimming lengths and can capture hair in different directions. It can be also used in the shower without the worry of being electrocuted. Panasonic ES-LV95-S- This shaver comes with five blades to give the user a quick and luxurious shave. It is efficient and one does not have to go over the shaven area a couple of times.