How to Shape Your Beard

When it comes to how to shape your beard, you do not necessarily need to run to the barber for each trim. This task can be accomplished very well at home, provided that you have your own supplies.

When you look for tools to help with this process in the store, make sure to go to a beauty store that is open to the public, such as Sally’s. These stores will have professional equipment that is of the caliber that can be used in salons.


Choose The Right Tools

Finding your tools at a professional salon quality store means you will have to replace them less often. Look for the brands Wahl and Oster, as these both make high quality geer.

Selecting a size for a tool is another problem. Some people prefer trimmers because they are smaller; just make sure that the trimmer comes with guards.

Guards for trimmers are important because they allow for you to cut your hair at a certain length. A trimmer without a guard might be fairly useless.

If you have a comb that is the width of a number two guard, and this is the only length you like your beard, then you can forgoe looking for a tool with guards. This might be an option for some consumers who are unhappy with the selection of clippers and trimmers that they can purchase that do have guards.

Next, make sure that you also purchase a good pair of small haircutting shears. These will be a lot better than the cheap scissors found in the drug store because they will be sharp enough to do the job properly.


The Right Razor and Cream

Finally, purchase some shaving cream and a razor. This will be needed to shape the general outline of the beard and shave the rest of the facial skin.

Some men find that the cheaper one day razors cut their skin too much. Try to purchase something by Gillette that is for more than one use.

The type of shaving cream that you use is also important. Do not purchase the drug store brands if you have sensitive skin.

There are a lot of good hypoallergenic shaving creams available through a beauty store. Do not just settle for a generic brand that will make you itch.

One excellent choice for an initial facial cleanser and moisturizer is Segals Solutions products. This line will help clean the skin in between shaving and beard trimming times.

It is important to practice excellent skin care in preparation for a healthy beard. The following list will detail how to shape your beard:

  1. Shave the Skin around the Beard

To get an initial shape going, you need to shave the area around the beard. Use a high quality razor and a good shaving cream or beard soap.

  1. Apply a Beard Oil to the Beard Area

This is a good idea because the beard should not be wet. However, the oil will keep the hair from tickling the face as you trim it.

  1. Put a Guard on the Trimmer and Use

Cut the hair using scissor under the trimmer or all over with the guard on. The higher the number on the guard, the longer the hair will be that is left.

  1. Trim Around the Beard without the Guard

Take the guard off of the trimmer and tip to its edge. Now outline the beard to remove cleanly any left over hairs around the beard and to further outline the shape.

  1. Use the Scissors to Outline the Mouth

There will always be hairs that hang over the mouth. Now is the time to use those special shears to cut away any protruding hairs that linger over the lipline.

  1. Blow Dry Away all the Loose Hairs

There is bound to be a lot of hair that is straggling inside the beard. Take the blow dryer and rub your hand along the surface of the beard to dislodge the hairs; make sure you ensure that the blow dryer is first set to cool air.

  1. Cleanse and moisturize the Entire Face

By now the face has been subjected to a lot. Take out your best skin care products and give your face a nice cleanse and moisturizing until the next time.

Maintaining a beard takes a little bit of effort and clean up. A lot of people with sensitive skin recommend not over cleansing the face.

Follow these steps to maximize the results of a grooming routine and minimize the trauma to the skin.