How To Straighten Hair

 We have a few tricks for you, the reader, to ensure that your time straightening your hair is muss free. The following is a step by step guide on how to straighten hair:Straighten Hair

  1. Select the Proper Tool

This step is of the utmost importance. Try to purchase a tool that has a range between 300 and 400 degrees Farenheit.

  1. Let the Tool Warm

Your straightener will need at least a couple of minutes to warm up. Do not attempt to use it until it has reached its peak temperature.

  1. Spray all of Your Hair with Protectant

This is the most important thing to do after the hair has been completely dried with a blow dryer. Give the hair a thorough coating with the product.

  1. Try a Test Strip

Do not assume that you have the right heat. Piece out a 2 inch section and glide the tool down this strip; if the hair straightens after the first glide without feeling hot after, then this is the correct heat setting.

  1. Take your Time

There is nothing worse than running through the hair quickly with a straightener, and then realizing that the hair is still kinky. Take small 2 inch sections and work in one direction around the face and back of the head.

After these steps have been completed, the hair should be straight. However, there is still more to the process, such as selecting the correct products.

Below is a list of do’s and do not’s when selecting products to put into the hair as a thermal protectant:

  1. Do not Buy from the Drug Store

Some people do not care if their hair is fried, but for everyone else, there is salon quality brands. The drug store brands might make someone’s hair itchy or not properly protect the hair shaft.

  1. Do Purchase a Spray

Sprays are way less messy than goopy hair serums. And the spray will not stay on the hair after the straightener is used because the product will burn off.

  1. Look for a Store with a Good Return Policy

There is nothing worse than buying a product and going home to find out you are allergic to the ingredients. A good thermal protectant should not make your face red where the hair contacts the cheeks.

  1. Do not Buy the Product Your Hairstylist Recommends

Hairstylists are great, but they work on commission. The chances that the one brand they are touting is really the best is actually quite small.

  1. Buy in Small Quantities at First

There’s nothing worse than being that consumer that the store cannot make money off of because you keep returning every great value sized container you purchase. Try to be a considerate shopper and get the trial sizes when first sampling a new product line.

  1. Do not Buy a Product that is not Actually a Thermal Protectant

Yes, there are a lot of options, but if it doesn’t specifiy that the product protects the hair when heat styling, that is not the product you want. You can’t go crying back to the store manager that your hair is fried when you tried to use something for off label usage.

That seems like a lot to remember when selecting a simple product. However, those tips can also apply to all salon items.

One final word with any products is to not immediately flock to the clearance section. These products might be getting discontinued for very legitimate reasons, so satisfaction is not necessarily guaranteed.

If you are straightening your hair everyday, then be prepared when it is haircut time. You will probably have to cut at least an inch or two off each cut to ensure that the ends stay healthy.

This is just because the simple fact is that heat styling, no matter how careful you are, is not good for your hair. However, it is not good for your self esteem either to run around looking unkept, so there is a balance.

If you want to purchase a travel straightener that is cordless, then these how to straighten hair tips can also make your holiday styling a breeze.

Be sure to let your hair down year round and enjoy looking fabulous. Straight hair is very chic and always in vogue.