How To Trim Nose Hair

While nasal hair performs an important role, being part of the immune system which filters out toxins, bacteria and dust, many people want to know how to trim their nose hair as they find it embarrassing and unsightly. Luckily, trimming nose hair can be a simple and quick procedure although it is important to take care not to hurt yourself or to damage the sensitive and delicate skin to the interior of the nose. Here is some helpful advice to get your starting with trimming your nose hair.

The Best Way To Trim Nose Hair

Nose Hair Trimmer

Nose Hair Trimmers are often much easier to use than a pair of Scissors

Although it is possible to use scissors to trim your nose hair, it can be more difficult to use this method as there is always the possibility of your hand slipping and cutting your skin. A body hair trimmer is the best choice as it offers a swift and simple way to remove excess nasal hair with the added advantage that it can be operated with just one hand. You should always read the user manual first however before using your electric trimmer for the first time.

How To Use A Trimmer To Trim Nose Hair

While it is relatively quick and easy to use a trimmer to cut your nose hair, there are some simple steps to follow for a successful outcome:

Use A Mirror

You will be able to do a better job of trimming your nose hair if you can clearly see what you are doing. Although any mirror will do, a mirror which can be angled to suit your point of view is best. You should also make sure that the room is well lit, either by natural light or with a powerful electric lamp.

Insert Trimmer Into The Nostril

You should tip your head backwards before you insert the trimmer into your nostril. Make sure to position yourself so that you have a clear view in the mirror and ensure that you never force the blades of the trimmer too roughly or too far into your nasal canal – the trimmer should fit comfortably and easily into the nostril. You do not need to trim the hair that is deep inside your nose as this is required to protect you from the contaminants that you breathe in every day, you only need to trim any excess hair which protrudes visibly from the nostril.

Clean Your Trimmers

In order to make sure that your trimmer remains hygienic, make sure to clean it thoroughly every time it has been used. Never submerge an electric trimmer in water, instead brush the blades to remove excess hair before you put it away.

Benefits Of Using Trimmers To Trim Nose Hair

Trimmers are often thought to be better than scissors when it comes to trimming nasal hair as they can offer a painless experience whereas scissors have a tendency to pull nasal hairs out from the root which is uncomfortable and painful. Trimmers are also much less likely to cut the delicate skin inside your nose than scissors.