How To Trim Pubic Hair

While body hair trimmers are most frequently used to trim hair on the head or on the face, they can also often be used to trim pubic hair too. Using trimmers to tidy up your pubic hair is not as difficult as it may seem, and here are some helpful guidelines.

Preparing To Trim Pubic Hair

Before you begin trimming your pubic hair, you need to decide on the look that you are going for. Are you only wanting to cut the hair shorter to tidy it up, or are you wanting to go for a shaved look? Making this decision is very important in advance as you will need to know whether you will need a wet or dry shave. While cutting the hair is best done dry as it is much easier to manage, if you wish to shave, it is better to soak the area in a shower or bath for at least 10 minutes as this will cut down on skin irritation which can occur. Whether you intend to shave or trim, it makes sense to wash the area thoroughly first with soap and water to prevent any bacteria getting into a cut or nick in the skin.

Using The Right Body Hair Trimmers

If you want to use body hair trimmers to trim your pubic hair, you will need to choose the right device. A trimmer that has an interchangeable head to allow for smaller, more precision areas is a good choice, or alternatively a trimmer designed specifically for ear and nose hair would work well because of its small blades. Avoid using an electric razor that has rotating heads as this can cause a painful razor burn.

Choose The Right Place To Trim

Make sure that you trim your pubic hair in an area that is easy to clean as you may make quite a lot of mess. Standing in the shower cubicle or bath or sitting over a toilet are all good choices as then the running or flushing water will clear up most of the excess hair.

Choosing A Style

There are several styles that you can go for, although some of them may require other equipment as well as your trimmers. You need to decide on the look that you wish to achieve before you begin.

Faux Natural

This is the easiest look to achieve as it only requires you to run the trimmers evenly across the whole area, tidying up the hair to your chosen length. If in doubt, use a longer length guard and then progress to a lower one for a shorter style.


Ideal for swimmers or sunbathers, this look is achieved in the same way as the faux natural style, except you will need to shave any areas outside the bikini line i.e. at the tops of the legs, with a razor.

The Landing Strip

This look is achieved by creating just a narrow strip of hair in the center of the bikini line. To get this style, trim the whole area with your trimmers and then remove all hair around the triangular shape using a razor.

Always remember to clean your trimmers thoroughly of hair afterwards, and keep this trimmer purely for your pubic hair to avoid spreading germs.