How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

A lot of people regret that their hair is not growing. As we age, the rate of deterioration of our hair increases. Fixing this problem requires understanding the reason why our body is deteriorating. There are several factors. One is the destruction of DNA over time. There is a limited amount of time that DNA can copy itself in human organisms. Eventually, there are no more copies left, and the body cannot replicate cells. However, a major factor in the rate of deterioration is lifestyle and diet. How you live is going to affect your body’s systems enormously. You can look 90 when you are 50, and you can look 50 when you are 90. The effect is greatly determined by what you are eating.

Some of the major raw food diet spokespeople have identified high consumption of leafy green vegetables with excellent hair.1,2 The chemicals inside leafy greens greatly contribute to a good complexion and long life. They help renew your skin, and promote the growth of new hair. A lot of people in America subsist on a diet chock full of meat, potatoes, wheat, and maybe corn. This has disastrous effects on maintaining long term hair health. If you complain about the cost, one of the most effective ways to get lots of greens is to pick them fresh outside. Some of the great outdoor edibles include dandelion, pine needles, and cedar leaves.

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

All of these come packed full of healthy vitamins, and unlike what you get at the supermarket, they do not require a big hit to your wallet. The goal, whenever you are shaping a diet for a particular part of your body, is to recognize that all the parts of your body are interrelated. What goes in your mouth is going to affect what is on your head, like it or not. Many people have the misguided notion that a lotion applied to one area will automatically cure your problem. This ignores how the body’s systems must work together to maintain optimum health. Hair growth takes second place if other organs are failing because of poor diet. If your hair is not growing like you want it to, it is probably a sign that something else is not getting what it needs nutritionally.

What is a good hair health diet?

  1. Daily Consumption of Greens. This can be broccoli, dandelion, pine needles, kale, cabbage, spinach. If it is bitter, natural, and your toddlers do not like it, it is going to help your hair.2
  1. Remove heavy carbohydrates and refined foods. These take a toll on your body’s systems, particularly the liver. You want all of your body’s energy being devoted to growing hair.
  1. Substitute animal products with natural plant alternatives. The cholesterol found in animal products blocks up your arteries, which limits hair growth. Instead of roast beef, have lentils, Instead of pork, have pinto beans.3

As you are preparing your hair health plan, keep in mind that it will not be easy. The easy road is the one that your balding peers are taking. You are going to have to remove things that you find tasty and satisfying to get a hairstyle that is attractive. You have to lose some to win some.

We hope that this has given you the essential foundation that diet plays in shaping how your hair grows. Many people do not like to point the finger at themselves when they consider health issues, but this is the first place we need to look. If we refuse to take responsibility for wrong and harmful actions, then we must suffer the consequences in our well-being, such as balding, that will naturally occur.

We are devoted to making sure that your journey to better hair health is not made alone. Our team of specialists can show you points where you will find the most benefit from embarking on a hair health diet consisting of greens.

It is wonderful to see how many individuals have reported major changes by making small changes in their daily eating habits. You too can become one of these happy people if you are just willing to suffer a little. 4