Philips Norelco Multigroom 3100 Review

Any man needs an excellent haircut on a regular basis. Most people prefer doing it by themselves hence the need to have a good machine like, the Philips Norelco Multigroom trimmer. This hair removal machine provides maximum versatility in maintaining facial hair for users. Users have the ability to keep their hair short, stylish and clean given the quality and convenience that comes with the Philips Norelco Multigroom trimmer. It has five tools in one; a beard comb, full size hair trimmer, hair clipping comb, a nose trimmer, plus a detail trimmer.

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Top Features

  1. Wide Range Of Heads- These heads help in maintaining different hairstyles as per the user’s wishes. There are up to 18 length settings, where users can trim anyhair style they want. In addition, the trimmer is used cordlessly. It only needs to be charged as it has rechargeable batteries that run for approximately thirty-five minutes after a full charge usually of ten hours.
  2. Self-Sharpening Blades- These blades are made from fine Chromium steel and this ensures they last long and perform well for years. In addition, well rounded combs and tips ensure there is no skin irritation after removal of unwanted hair especially in sensitive areas like the nose and ears.
  3. Water Resistant- This enables users to wash it thoroughly without the worry of damaging the trimmer. When cleaning the Multigroom trimmer, use both soap and water under a faucet to ensure all hair is removed from the trimmer. It is also compatible with any voltage and users do not need to worry about carrying a voltage converter when on a journey.


An all in one face styling capability allows users to create a facial style they most prefer. Philips Norelco Multigroom 3100 has afull size trimmer, stubble combs, a nose trimmer, detail trimmer and an adjustable beard comb. The trimmer has up to 18 different styling settings, where this ensures users cut their hair to a desired level or style. For the beard and side burn lovers, the trimmer allows one to maintain a good-looking neckline, chin and side burns at all times. This ensures you get a clean style and sharp lines around your beard’s edges. You can also create perfect looking stubble thanks to the full sized hair trimmer. The detail trimmer usually 21mm, gives users fine lines in areas that require detail and are sensitive when being trimmed.For those with nose and ear hair, one can remove unwanted hairs with much ease. The trimmer has a clip-on rotary hair remover.This will defines your style in the end. High performance Chromium trimmer blades ensure that the trimmer offers a skin-friendly haircut. The Chromium made blades are heat treated to guarantee users with the best results in the first place. Rounded blade tips eliminate the chances of any skin irritation arising from a haircut.


The trimmer features rounded tips and blades that are skin-friendly. It also has five attachments; three attachments and two combssuitable for the stubble, the beard, nose and ears, and mustache. It has rechargeable batteries that require a ten hour full charge and can be used cordlessly for up to thirty five minutes. Its Chromium pre heated blades last long and are water resistant, making it easy to clean it using both water and soap.

The trimmer delivers maximum versatility from its black and bright details. It is flexible to use the trimmer, creating that good look you so desire in the end.


The trimmers lengths adjustment work well and all users have to do is to start with the longest adjustment in order to achieve the desired hairstyle. It also works well with all its attachments making it easy to use especially with first time Multigroom trimmer users. On top of this, first time users have to always attach the guard on it in order to avoid nicks and cuts until they know how to handle the machine.

The Multigroom trimmeris an easy to use for removing hair in other body parts. Not only can it be used to remove facial hair but also remove hair from other body parts. For example the under arms. It works just as well, faster and efficiently thanks to its mortar that spins faster to remove the unwanted hair on the body.It is a small tool and fits perfectly on the hand making it easy to use. It is also not noisy or shaky when in use.


The Multigroom only requires a ten-hour full charge in the first place in order to work properly. This ensures it holds power for a long period. In addition, it’s Chromium rounded blades last it and there is no risk for any skin irritation. It is worth the money as its batteries guarantee users of longevity in the end as it goes for years without servicing. It is also perfect for users who are always travelling.


The trimmer is reasonably priced. If one wants the Multigroom trimmer alone, it will not cost them much. This is generally a good price for a trimmer that is sure to work well and for a long period of time. It also has an upgraded design and looks great since its black but with a bright design. Philip Norelco Multigroom trimmer performs better than other previous versions of trimmers andis less expensive given that it has improvements on it, for example a fast moving motor.


For those who have hair that grows fast in a few days or weeks after hair shave, this is the perfect machine to look after your hair without the need of visiting a barber shop. It is perfectly priced making it inexpensive and is simple to use at home. Groom your head, beard, under arms and mustache all by yourself using the five different attachments that come with the trimmer. It is also advisable to use it with a pre shave stick to ensure you get a smooth and clean look around the beard.

Philips Norelco Multigroom 3100 Review
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