Remington PG6250 Wettech Head Review

The Remington Wettech Head Top Features

  1. Durable design keeps your trimmer working for a long time.
  2. Four adjustable trimmer lengths make it somewhat more versatile.
  3. It can be used on both wet and dry hair.

The Remington PG6250 Wettech Head is a beard trimmer and body groomer which advertises itself as being great for those looking for a precise and close shave without paying for a variety of fancy features which will never be used. It doesn’t come with an extra long back attachment, nor does it come with twenty different adjustable shaving lengths. What it does have; however, is a larger degree of durability, practicality and precision. At a relatively low price, you’ll be sure to get the close shave you’re looking for every time without having to mess around. Let’s take a closer look at the Remington PG6250 Wettech Head and find out if it’s the product for you.

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As previously stated, the Remington PG6250 Wettech Head isn’t huge in the features department, but it does have a few which are worth noting. One such example is its body hair shaver attachment. While some razors are built with a more “all purpose” feel about them, the Remington PG6250 Wettech Head distinguishes between both types of hair and acts accordingly. As many have already come to realize, a whole lot of one-size-fits-all razors simply act as a frugal alternative to those unable or unwilling to grab two separate razors or trimmers. These may often compromise on quality in an attempt to cater to all types of hair. With this particular trimmer; however, this won’t be as much of an issue. It also comes with four adjustable trimmer lengths. While this certainly isn’t impressive compared to some trimmers with an upwards of twenty different lengths, it may be all you need. Don’t think you need to pay for more lengths than you’re going to use. Whether you’re trimming wet or dry hair, the Remington PG6250 Wettech Head will do its job perfectly. While I wouldn’t recommend it be completely immersed in water, you won’t have to worry about a bit of water hurting it or your shave. It can also be under a running tap for a length of time without any real issue. Its most impressive feature is, without question, its run time. For a high quality trimmer, most of us have come to expect a solid forty minutes of battery life. The Remington PG6250 Wettech Head; however, can last for an entire hour before needing to be charged again. For those of us with particularly thick hair or those who wait a while between trims, leaving a big job to do at the end of the week, this is perfect. In terms of shaving time, the Remington PG6250 Wettech Head far outweighs its competitors.


I won’t say that the Remington PG6250 Wettech Head will excel in shaving one’s back, nor will I say that it’s the best when it comes to switching your ideal beard’s length on a weekly basis. I will; however, say that what it does do, it does seamlessly. For giving your beard a simple trim or taking on some standard manscaping, not a whole lot of razors or trimmers can work with the same speed and efficiency as the Remington PG6250 Wettech Head. It all comes down to knowing what you’ll need a trimmer for. If you know the Remington PG6250 Wettech Head specializes in the type of grooming you’re looking for, it will likely be your best option due to its speed and lack of performance issues. It won’t do everything, but what it does do, it does quickly, easily and efficiently. If; however, you’re looking for some more advanced grooming features, such as those targeted toward shaving your back, you may very well be better off looking elsewhere.


Say what you want about the Remington PG6250 Wettech Head, but practically no other products within the same market can match its durability. While many high-end products of its type are known for being made by big, trusted brands which will replace faulty products on the spot, the Remington PG6250 Wettech Head goes a step further through reducing the occurrence of said faulty products to nearly zero through great quality control and an overall solid, durable build. This is one of the most durable trimmers and body shavers on the market, not just within its price range, but overall. For its price, you’re getting some of the best reliability out there in products of its type, which is something we can all appreciate.


The Remington PG6250 Wettech Head’s price is quite average. You’re certainly not getting ripped off by purchasing it, though you might not be getting a bargain either. At around thirty dollars, it comes at a middle-of-the-road price with a similar quality. Whether or not the price is worth what you’re getting really all comes down to what you’re looking for in a beard trimmer and body razor. For its durability, the price is quite good. For its amount of features; however, this isn’t so much the case.

The Verdict

To be perfectly honest, I would like to see some more advanced features in the Remington PG6250 Wettech Head. Compared to other trimmers and body shavers of around the same price, it doesn’t have a whole lot going for it in this regard. If you’re looking for advanced features in your next purchase, you might want to continue shopping around. If; however, you’re looking for a durable and effective product at a fair price, you might want to consider the Remington PG6250 Wettech Head. Many of us find ourselves stuck paying for features we’ll never end up using just so we can purchase a high-end product. With the Remington PG6250 Wettech Head, this isn’t so much of an issue. It’s durable, it’s consistent and it’ll last you a lifetime all while coming at a fairly (though not extremely) moderate price. If the above features are what you’re looking for in a self-care product, the Remington PG6250 Wettech Head will work just fine.

Remington PG6250 Wettech Head Review
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  • Alex

    After I apply oil to the blades, the next time I use the trimmer hair gets stuck to the blades. What to do?